Vol. 6 No. 215
Sunday, October 12, 2008
  Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

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God gives us Faith, the Devil makes us doubt

Idol ko si Adam Jala!

I seldom openly express my admiration to a politician!

I am afraid they might send me money on my ATM account because of my “praise release.”

But if they do that, thanks anyway. Ayaw dugaya!


Now I would say without reservation that I really would wish that we would have elected leaders from the Young Turks like Rep. Adam Relson Jala (3rd District-Bohol) who have fresh outlook in life and uncorrupted; - unlike traditional politicians.

I would cite in particular his wish that the Small Town Lottery (STL) would be operational in towns in lieu of the illegal swertres, locally known as masiao.

Other politicians would certainly not join such call, knowing that the Church is against it.

These trapos, of course, are not morally concerned on the alleged evils of gambling but rather on the rich-vote influence of the church.

Ang ilang concern lang mao nga dili nila ma-kontrahan ang simbahan kay daghan daw botante diha!

Hee. Hee. Pagka looy jod ning Pilipinas!


I would say that Congressman Jala is a different breed of politician. He looks at things in a wider perspective, away from himself but for the good of the community.

Mao na ang leader nga Visionary, dili myopic.

The point is that, gambling is anywhere around us. Look within your neighborhood. There is “tong-its, cheke-cha, mahjong, piat-piat, tukis, pa-away gamba” and all forms of gambling.

What has the Church done to stop these alleged Evils in the community?

Adam Jala is right and should not wither on his vision of putting up STL in towns.

Illegal suertres only enrich the financiers, the police and corrupt local officials.

With STL, part of the sales go to charitable cause, to the local government and even generate employment “legally” since it will utilize ushers that would collect STL bets.


So if illegal masiao have been tolerated and even the police have simply closed their eyes on this, it is thereby imperative that we put in place a legal alternative to wipe out such illegal operations.

I don’t really believe that it is solely the Church that can determine which is right and which is wrong for us. Actually God even did not build a Church.

Makig-lalis ka nako? Sige debate ta sa Plaza Rizal!

Aside from heart-rending sermons at the pulpit, what have the Church done to combat these alleged Evils in society?

It is time that we wake up to the truth that Life itself is a gamble! God himself made it that way. He did not promise us a road to heaven full of roses!

One must work for it. No guts, no glory!

Jesus Christ himself made a gamble, losing at the Mount of Calvary when he was crucified. He, however, won the second round when he rose from the dead and fulfilled the promise of Resurrection!


Did you get my point? STL should be installed here in Bohol.

Lottery gives a ray of hope and can change the life of those blessed by luck.

And do not argue with me. Luck is not man-made. It is Divine Providence.

Diba ug mapildi ka mang-gimo ka: “Jawaa ni, dimalas jod!”

Pero modaog ka, molitok ka: “Salamat sa Dios, kadaog ko tulo ka unit!”

Busa padayon Congressman Adam Jala! Your pure intentions will bail you out in the end and the pretentious and hypocrites will ultimately burn in Hell.

Thoughts to Ponder: “God gives us Faith, the Devil makes us doubt.”

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