Vol. 8 No. 395
Sunday, April 8, 2012
  Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

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“Is there another life? Shall I awake and find all this a dream? There must be, we cannot be created just for this sort of suffering.” - John Keats (1795 - 1821) English poet.

Mabanhaw ba ang tawo?

Easter Sunday commemorates the glorious Resurrection from the Dead of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Literally, the Holy Bible tells us that the man named Jesus, crucified at the Hill of Golgotha on Good Friday, physically came back to life after three days inside a borrowed tomb nearby.

The doubting Apostle Thomas even dipped his finger into the left side wound in the body of Jesus and testified that indeed his Master has come to life!

The event, when applied to our human life, gives proof that indeed there is Another Life after death and a better life at that, for we will be gathered into a promised land called Heaven.

The promise, however, is conditional; - one must live by the teachings of Jesus Christ and those going wayward end up burning in Hell. Mag binootan ka, maha langit ka; ug motipas ka, sunog ka’s impierno.

Naa man gani pod relihiyon iyaha daw ni Cristo nga naghulga nga kon dili ka nila sakop, impierno ka. Dapat daw magpasakop ka nila aron maka adto kas langit. Ha… totoo ba yan? Naa tingale sila fixer didto moras LTO? Kon mao na, mag pa miembro ta nila!


With the flooding of, they say, scientific information confronting us today, some are also starting to ask: “mabanhaw jod kaha ta?” Ang way libog kong higala miingon: “Ngano man diay ug motoo lang ta, unsa may mawala nato.”

Well said; meaning, there’s nothing to lose! Ug naa diay. Anyway, mangamatay man pod ta, pilosopo man ka o’ masunuron. Tinood jod na ug mismo ang bright kaayo nga si Haring Solomon nag-ingon: “Walay mahinumdum sa maalamon ug sa buangbuang; ugma damlag kitang tanan hikalimtan, managsama, mangamatay kitang tanan – maalamon ug buangbuang.” (Ecclesiastes 2:16).

Pero bantay ta ha, kadtos Haring Solomon raba buyagon to, daghang asawa; gi-pul-an sa iyang kinabuhi mao nga ingon adto ang iyang sinultian.

Kitang usa ray asawa (nga gitug-an), basin lahi ang naghulat kanato; mabanhaw ug malangit ta (sana naman).


And don’t forget, aside from rising from the dead, there is Immortality (Eternal Life) and that’s the best part of the deal. We will live happily ever after!

A scholarly description says: “The doctrine of immortality is common to many religions; in different cultures, however, it takes various forms, ranging from ultimate extinction of the soul to its final survival and the resurrection of the body. In Christianity and Islam, as well as in Judaism, the immortality promised is primarily of the spirit. But commonly, we are taught that after the resurrection of the body and a general judgment of the entire human race, the body is to be reunited with the spirit to experience either reward or punishment.”

Sus daghana diay ug version ang pagka banhaw. Pero bisag usa lang nila ang imong toohan, basta hugot lang jod nang imong pagtoo, mabanhaw jod tingale ka!

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Mabanhaw ba ang tawo?

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