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Sunday, February 19, 2012
  Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

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Angry Bird

Are you familiar with the latest computer game craze the Angry Bird?

It is available in any digital gadget like the SONY PSP or the Apple IPod.

Though it is played mostly by young people, the olds are enjoying the games too. The concept of the digital software game is of a bird that easily gets irritated or becomes angry when it does not get what it wants. Seeing someone gets angry makes the player laugh, of course because an angry face is funny, very funny.

Ako, makita ko ug tawo nga dali masuko, makatawa jod ko, pero sa hilom lang kay dili baya maayo nga kataw-an nimo ang imong isigkatawo; hinonoa kaloy-a ug i-ampo siya.

* * * * *

Now talking of anger, most people say it is a typical behavior when age overtakes the body and the mind. Ayaw na tagda ug gikasuk-an ka, ingana na basta tiguwang na, matod pas usa ka higala dihang nakita siya nako nga gikasab-an kos usa ka senior citizen.

He heee. Bright pod tong akong amigo, iyang ipasabot nga ang mga tiguwang, puede nang ma exempted sa good manners and right conduct. Sakto ba kaha pod na?

Naa koy kailang tiguwang, diman lagi suk-anon. Mo manong pa noon naho. Kay matod niya November daw iyang birthday samtang akoa. February. Pero iyang birth year 1945, hee hee liberation time sa World War II unya feeling young gihapon.

* * * * *

Seriously speaking, dili baya maayo ning mag sige ta kasuko. Here’s a medical abstract of how anger affects our body and mind. Read on.

7 Negative Health Effects of a Bad Temper

There are people that have a short fuse and a bad temper. Bad tempers can lead to several negative health effects and an increased risk of health problems. Below is a list of some of the risks of having a bad temper.

1. Increased Risk of Heart Attack
One of the greatest risks of a bad temper is an increased risk of a heart attack. Those with constant anger and stress have been shown to trigger a heart attack and, in the long term, it can lead to heart disease. This is due mainly to the fact that anger and anxiety lead to high blood pressure in most people. And, consistent high blood pressure is very dangerous to your heart health.

2. Increased Risk of Stroke
Studies have proven that increased stress, anger and a consistent bad temper can leave a person more at risk of a stroke, even triggering a stroke in some instances. This is a very serious side effect of a bad temper and should not be taken lightly. Strokes can be fatal or can leave a person without mobility or full brain activity.

3. Increased Risk of Ulcers
It is widely known that increased stress can lead to ulcers. Those with bad tempers seem to be under increased stress throughout much of their day. Developing ulcers can have adverse effects on your overall health and day to day living. Bleeding ulcers can become very harmful and can lead to other health problems.

4. Stomach Problems
Those with bad tempers have been noted to have a higher rate of other stomach problems, as well. This includes digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), indigestion, heart burn and stomach cramps.

5. Increased Risk of Frequent Illness
Increased stress can take a huge toll on your immune system. Your immune system works to fight off colds and other sicknesses. Those with high stress due to a bad temper are at a higher risk of getting sick more often because of the decreased activity of the immune system.

6. Headaches
Studies have shown that people that have a bad temper are more prone to headaches. Because a temper can raise your blood pressure, you are more likely to develop a headache as a result. Controlling your anger is one way to decrease the number of headaches you have.

7. Depression
Studies have found a correlation between people with excess stress and a bad temper and an increased rate of depression. Depression is a serious illness that can hinder your day to day life and, if left untreated, can progressively get worse.

If someone you know has a bad temper, text me kay ato e-pray over!

Thoughts of the day:
“People of little understanding are most apt to be angry when their sense is called into question.”
- Samuel Richardson

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