Vol. 7 No. 252
Sunday, July 12, 2009
  Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

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Chatto-Abapo: Best seller?

If you want to taste the water whether it’s hot or cold, try dipping your fingers.

That exactly what I did, dipping and swimming with the sharks and fries in the political seawaters.

Among my sorties were in the towns of Inabanga during the raffia launching, in Jagna, Lila, Loon then Ubay and Talibon; almost a cross-section of the Bohol island.

And I asked at random people whose faces I do not know. I asked them who are the candidates in the local level this coming May 10, 2010 elections.

Those younger at early 30s volunteered information: “Morag si Chatto ug Abapo kusog jod (it seems Chatto and Abapo are the strongest bets).”

They obviously referred to first district congressman Edgar Chatto and Provincial Administrator Atty. Tomas Abapo, Jr. who are touted running for governor and vice governor, respectively.

* * * * *

“Why kusog man,” I asked one guy.

“Si Chatto nindot performance, motabang pod bisan dili iyang distrito. Si Tommy Abapo sayon kaayo estoryahon dihas Capitol. Way libog (Chatto has a good performance and helps people even outside his district while Abapo is easy to approach at Capitol),” the answer was spontaneous.

Mao ba? Unya mobotar mo nila?

“Of course”, mitubag ang usa, in English pa! Hee hee.

In the marketplace and carenderia, I heard the same tunes.

I told them, Chatto and Abapo might be in different political camps. I offered a forecast that Chatto might have 2nd district Cong Ondoy Cajes as Vice while Abapo will pair with Vice Gov. Julius Herrera as his governor.

“Pero mas nindot lage mag-partner na sila. Puros boutan (they are the best partners. Both are kind),” they said insistently.

So, Chatto-Abapo then is the Dream-Tandem if these people are to be believed?

Let’s see. Stay tuned. This probing-project is continuing and this will cover wider, more accurate; depending on the availability of “mobilization” fund.

* * * * *

Yet, a non-believer in our electoral process gave me a pragmatic advice that sent shivers down my spine: “Perog way kwarta, bisag maayong tawo lage, dili modaog (but without money, even the best person won’t win).”

It indeed pierced my heart realizing that good men are devoured by the ugly four-headed Hydra of local politics. Dihay barbero sa among lungsod nga kaunom na lansar konsehal, unya maayong tawo jod. Mo libre tupe!

Human sa election, 5 ra eyang buto unya 7 and eyang sakop sa pamilya.

“Bisan sakop nako nag budhi (even a family member betrayed me),” he lamented. My good friend-barber has ever since stopped running. He posted a large signage in his barber shop: “Your credit is good but we need cash!”

Hehe..he, it is said: “We deserved the kind of leaders that we chose.”

Thoughts for Today:

“Oligarchy was established by men with a certain aim in life: the good they sought was wealth, and it was the insatiable appetite for money-making to the neglect of everything else that proved its undoing.”- Plato (428-347 BC)

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Chatto-Abapo: Best seller?

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