Vol. 8 No. 399
Sunday, May 6, 2012
  Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

Protest against Expensive and Substandard Water sold in Tagbilaran

It is high time that people should be the one to determine the satisfaction of their basic needs like water, power, food and others and to protest on the poor and dangerous water that they use.. Today we see a creeping control of our power and water needs (especially in Tagbilaran) to big conglomerates or monopolies or business giants and subject the people to high overhead costs mainly due payment of high salaries, allowances to the executives and high level officials. Big discretionary funds and other costs deplete the corporate funds making it necessary to raise the water or power rates which should not be the case.

The people/water consumers of Tagbilaran have a right to protest. (1) from exorbitant water rates, (2) from purchasing substandard, polluted water, (3) the consequential cost of drinking polluted water is much more than the already high water rates per cubic meter. They should protest at these dangers.

Other than the increased rates plus the collection of the 5 year differential which the water rights grantee won in court, the actual water charge is now tripled the original rates approved at the start hence excessive. The government regulatory board for water should determine the actual cost to operate the waterworks upon complaint of the consumers or regulate increase of water rates. It should also suspend or cancel water rights or franchise if the water utilities are selling poor quality and/or polluted water which is a health menace.

The consequential cost of drinking polluted water distributed by the franchisee is more than 10 times of the approved water rates if we compute the.

a. Additional expenses of P 300.00 to P 500.00 per family per month for the purchase of bottled of clean water for drinking to avoid drinking polluted water distributed by franchisee. How much more for restaurants, hotels, business establishments using water for drinking in the computation of additional cost.

b. Hospital bills, medical services and medicines and related bills running to millions for the city residents caused by unsafe water or limey water.

c. The damage and illness, deterioration of kidney, gall bladder and other internal organs caused by drinking polluted water

d. Damage to metal pipes and cooking implements thru use of high calcium content of the water.

In sum, the water franchisee is a public menace knowing that it is selling defective, substandard quality, polluted and disease causing water.

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