Vol. 8 No. 390
Sunday, March 4, 2012
  Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

Let us work together, Bohol forever.

Bohol’s Economic Revolution

In our last issue, we discussed that necessity is the mother of invention and has contributed greatly to man’s progress and well being. His intelligence, industry and innovativeness have made him the master of all the animals, fishes and plants – truly the master of the world. It is only sad that in some instances instead of uniting for greater achievements, he quarrels with one another engage in wars, waste lives stunts progress and considerably slows it down to attain a better life for all.

The picture of 1900 Bohol of our grandparents is primitive compared to Bohol 100 years after. Today, we have made great strides in education, infrastructure, commerce and industry, land reform, communications and rural electrification. The latter of which is a great social leveler responsible for our progress. With the world progressing at an ever accelerating pace, it would not be surprising that in 10 to 25 years the economic topography of Bohol will greatly change. Harnessing the 5 big rivers thru dams will more than quadruple the area of irrigable lands and increase production of hydro-electric power and make Bohol the food basket of the Visayas and Southern Philippines. A high output of technically trained farm technicians will make Bohol the fruit and vegetable producer of the south. Transportation will revolutionize with hyrdo and geothermal power (possibly nuclear power) from Luzon because like Japan 40 years ago, they strung electric power lines 30 feet above highways to power cargo vehicles and mass transports on wheels over existing but widened highways which could be done around and across Bohol lessening our dependence on fossil fuels making millions gravitate to Bohol and use our modern transport system – a boon to commerce and industry; Manila used the electric transvia in the 1930s, why not Bohol soon? Like the San Juanico bridge that connected Samar and Leyte, Bohol and Cebu should also be connected bringing millions of people from Cebu and Negros Oriental to Bohol, transferring much of its industry, trade and commerce thus making Bohol the heart and center of the Philippines. Tourism will flourish hence the need for preserving and maintaining our ancient landmarks, infrastructure and our cultural heritage to mark our identity as a province and as a people. The past is a reminder of where we came from and who we are in our quest for progress. As we hurdle towards progress in the years to come, may this be an inspiration to the youth who together with the present leadership to be the liberators of the millions of “peons”, the masa to social and economic equality. The more than 50% youth of today will certainly change the political landscape of the country especially Bohol gradually in the years to come. International standards of education using internet and hi technology should enable us to learn most modern and the best knowledge from the libraries of the world.

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