Vol. 8 No. 421
Sunday, October 7, 2012
  Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

Candidates fighting against own relatives

In politics, indeed there are no permanent friends, neither blood relations, only permanent ambitions.

The Commission on Elections has bared the final list of candidates for mayor and vice-mayoralty positions in 47 towns and one city, revealing more relatives pitted against each other for elective posts in the coming elections on May 13, 2013.

In the capital city of Tagbilaran, an uncle is pitted against his young nephew; in a fight for position as the next city mayor. Both want to succeed an uncle-brother mayor now on his third and last term.

Councilor John Geesnell “Baba” Yap is vying for city mayor against his uncle Dr. Abe Lim, who is the chosen anointed successor of a younger brother, outgoing city mayor Dan Lim. The uncle and nephew has also to contend with another candidate, Liberal Party official bet Atty. Augustinus Gonzaga, completing an exciting three-corned fight for city mayor.

Getafe town has Casey Shaun Monillos Camacho, the younger brother of incumbent Mayor Cary Camacho, filing his COC under the banner of United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) against his uncle Manuel Pogoy Monillos of Liberal Party for mayor in Getafe town.

The same scenario is brewing in Danao town where incumbent Vice-Mayor Jose Gonzaga Cepedoza is gunning for mayor against his auntie Natividad Redulla Gonzaga, mother of incumbent Mayor Louis Thomas Gonzaga, who is in his last term. The outgoing mayor had chosen to run for vice-mayor, in tandem with his mother.

In Candijay town, the ruling Amora family are fighting against each other; - Amora versus Amora, a nephew-uncle match, for the mayor’s seat. Last-termer Mayor Sergio Amora, Jr. fielded his son, Sergio Amora III to succeed him. But the mayor’s younger brother, incumbent Vice-Mayor Rey Granada Amora felt he should be his brother’s successor and so he also filed his candidacy for town mayor. The son is running under the Liberal party while his uncle under PDP Laban.

The same in other towns who listed opposing candidates having close family relations. Candidates for municipal mayor and vice-mayor are as follows: Alburquerque –--Mayor Efren Tungol (LP) and Jet Ugdoracion for mayor and Rene Buates (LP) Cayetano Doria (UNA) Dalmacio Mahinay (Independnent) and Uldarico Mahinay for vice-mayor; Alicia – Mayor Marnilou Ayuban for mayor and Basilio Balahay, Jr. for vice-mayor; Anda –-- Metodio Amper (LP) and Vice-Mayor Paulino Amper (UNA) for mayor and Reinerio Makinano and Angeline Simacio for vice-mayor; Antequera – Asterio Coquilla (UNA) ,Mayor Jose Mario Pahang (LP) and Samuel Rebosura (Ind.) for mayor and Simon Leo Jadulco (LP) for vice-mayor; Baclayon – Pelegrino Ibao (KBL), Mayor Alvin Uy (NP) and Benecio Uy (LP) for mayor and Joel Cabahug (NP) and Derwin Cuajao (LP) for vice-mayor; Balilihan – Dominisio Chatto (LP) and Mark Leo Lungay Monton (UNA) for mayor and Marianne Chatto and Salvio Madanguit (UNA) for vice-mayor; Batuan – Sixto Dano and Francisco Pepito for mayor and Atty. Antonino Jumawid for vice-mayor; Bien-Unido – Francisco Avenido (LP) and Mayor Niño Rey Boniel (NP) for mayor and Rene Borenaga (NP) and Jocelyn Villarias (LP) for vice-mayor; Bilar – Norman Palacio (LP) and Esther Corazon Galbreath (UNA) for mayor and Danilo Cal (UNA) and Arnold Calamba (LP) for vice-mayor; Buenavista – Alfonso del Rosario, Jr. (LP) and Mayor Ronald Lowell Tirol (NPC) for mayor and Dave Duallo (NPC) and Ermelado Torregosa (LP) for vice-mayor; Calape – Maximiano Natuel (UNA) and Sulpicio Yu (LP) for mayor and Benjamin Cuadrasal (UNA), Nelson Yu (LP) and Vicente Yu (Ind) for vice-mayor; Carmen – Francisco de los Reyes, Ricardo Francisco Toribio (UNA) and Manuel Molina (LP) for mayor and Pedro Budiongan (UNA) and Arlene Palgan for vice-mayor; Catigbian --- Aurelio Dinorog (UNA) and Virgilio Lurot (LP) for mayor and Reynaldo Lacea (LP) and Ruffa Dinorog Mission (UNA) for vice-mayor; Clarin ----Allen Ray Piezas (LP) and Eugeniano Ibarra (Ind) for mayor and Velden Aparicio (LP) and Lorenzo Carcallas (Ind) for vice-mayor; Corella – Jose Nicanor Tocmo (UNA), Vito Rapal (LP), Eifanio Bolando (Ind) and Reynaldo Irig (Ind) for mayor and Godofedo Ado (LP) and Maria Asuncion Daquio for vice-mayor; Cortes --- Danilo Montero (LP) and Roberto Tabanera (NPC) for mayor and Apolinaria Balistoy and Lynn Iven Lim (LP) for vice-mayor; Dagohoy --- Sofronio Apat (UNA) and Rufina Frajele (LP) for mayor and Andres Ampoloquio (LP) and Emelio Puertos (NPC) for vice-mayor; Dauis --- Jaime Jimenez (NPC), Victorio Migriño (PMP) and Marietta Sumaylo (LP) for mayor and Luciano Bingalos (LP), Allan Coloma (NPC) and Pacifico Branzuela (PMP) for vice-mayor.

Dimaio --- Florida Gamayon (Ind), Dennis Magtajas (UNA) and Danilo Guivencan (LP) for mayor and Janime Balbon (LP) and Marcos Rara (UNA) for vice-mayor; Garcia-Hernandez – Miguelito Galendez (LP) and Tita Baja Gallentes (PDP-Laban) for mayor and Lito Dajalos (PDP-Laban) and Pio Salmasan (LP) for vice-mayor; Guindulman ---- Maria Fe Añana-Piezas (LP) and Edgar Sarabosing (Ind) for mayor and Kristine Tutor (LP) and Elpidio Bonita (PDP Laban) for vice-mayor; Inabanga --- Josephine Socorro Jumamoy (LP) and Epifanio Muñeses (NPC) for mayor and Rodrigo Jumamoy (LP) and Abelardo Sendrijas (NPC) for vice-mayor; Jagna --- Fortunato Abrenilla (Aksyon Demokratiko) and Exuperio Lloren (LP) for mayor and Crispiano Madera (Aksyon Demokratiko) and Bonifacio Virtudes (LP) for vice-mayor; Lila --- Regina Salazar (LP) for mayor and Frederick Raut (LP) and Alex Paigan (UNA) for vice-mayor; Loay --- Rosemarie Lim Imboy LP) and Tiburcio Bullecer for mayor and Florencio Tejano (LP) and Paulino Tejano (PDP-Laban) for vice-mayor; Loboc ---Helen Calipusan Alaba (LP) and Luisito Digal (NPC) for mayor and Pablio Sumampong (LP), Petronilo Sarigumba and Purisimo Fernando (NPC) for vice-mayor; Loon – Ana Lisa Orcullo-Go (UNA) and Lloyd Peter Lopez (LP) for mayor and Titus Clark Miranda (UNA), Wilfredo Caresosa (Ind) and Ignacio Castil (LP) for vice-mayor; Mabini---- Sancho Bernales (NPC) and Esther Tabigue (LP) for mayor and Erwin Vallejos Uy (NPC), Juanito Jayuma (LP) and Ernesto Fuentes (Ind) for vice-mayor; Maribojoc --- Leoncio Evasco (NPC) and Jose “Dodong” Veloso (LP) for mayor and Frustuoso Redulla (NPC), Alberto Arangoso (LP) and Lourdes Endo (Ind) for vice-mayor; Panglao --- Benedicto Alcala (LP), Evangeline Bon-Lazaro (UNA) and Leonila Paredes Montero (PDP-Laban) for mayor and Pedro Fuertes (UNA), Walter Sultan (LDP), Cerino Hormachuelos (LP) and Noel Hormachuelos (PDP-Laban) for vice-mayor; Pilar --- Wilson Bernante (LP) and Necitas Tabaranza Cubrado (UNA) for mayor and Adolfo Espuelas (UNA) and Wilson Pajo (LP) for vice-mayor; and Pres. Carlos P. Garcia --- Tesalonica Boyboy (LP) and Alfonso Galo (Ind) for mayor and Nestor Abad (NPC) and Arthur Boyonas (Ind) for vice-mayor.

Sagbayan --- Ricardo Suarez (LP) and Jimmy Torrefranca (Ind) for mayor and Roque Amores (Ind) and Charito Lao (LP) for vice-mayor; San Isidro --- Jacinto Naraga (UNA), Quirino Samuya (LP) and Reynaldo Loyola (Ind) for mayor and Eudoxio Asoy (LP) and Requillo Samuya (UNA) for vice-mayor; San Miguel --- Claudio Bonior (NPC), Manuel Gara (LP) and Nunila Pinat (PMP) for mayor and Armando Branzuela (LP) and Jonathan Reyes (NPC) for vice-mayor; Sevilla ----Juliet Bucag Dano (NP) and Ernesita Digal (LP) for mayor and Maria Emely Daga-ang (NP) and Victoriano Fernandez (LP) for vice-mayor; Sikatuna ---- Jose Ellorimo for mayor and Julian Manigo (LP) and Chester Ian Rule (Laban) for vice-mayor; Siera-Bullones --- Simplicio Maestrado (LP) and Rainfredo Buslon (UNA) for mayor and Alfredo Gamalo (LP) and Rey Estoque Yamaro (UNA) for vice-mayor; Talibon --- Restituto Auxtero (LP) and Carlito Evangelista (NPC) for mayor and Marcos Aurestela (LP) and Epifanio Quimson (Ind) for vice-mayor; Trinidad --- Judith del Rosario Cajes (LP) and Consuelo Mapeso Garcia (NPC) for mayor and Florencio Flores (NPC) and Francisco Gonzales (LP) for vice-mayor; Tubigon --- William Richard Jao (LP) and Marlon Amila (NPC) for mayor and Virgilio Fortich and Joel Somosot (UNA) for vice-mayor; Ubay --- Galicano Atup (LP), Danilo Mendez (NP) and Constantino Reyes (NPC) for mayor and Eutiquio Bernales, Sr. (NPC) and Nelson Uy (LP) for vice-mayor; and Valencia -----Benjamin Gamalo (UNA) and Maria Katrina Lim (LP) for mayor and Jorge Buslon (LP) and Isidro Dango (UNA) for vice-mayor. Duero town has not yet submitted its list of candidates as of past 3 PM yesterday.

In Tagbilaran City, Dr. Abraham Lim (UNA) is paired by incumbent Vice-Mayor Jas Tirol Montes against the tandem of Atty. Dodong Gonzaga (for mayor) and Toto Veloso (for vice-mayor) and John Geesnell Baba Yap (for mayor) and his running-mate Anne Mariquit Oppus (for vice-mayor).

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Candidates fighting against own relatives
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