Vol. 8 No. 388
Sunday, February 19, 2012
  Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

NBA analysts have been saying that this is a rare moment in NBA when a seemingly unknown player became an instant sensation.

The Magic of Jeremy Lin

The NBA fans have recently become alive as both the online world and print media are devoting much space chronicling the amazing basketball skills of Jeremy Lin, the new forward of New York Knicks (No. 17 on his jersey).

The 23-year-old Harvard product has become so sensational that even fans of an opposing team would cheer for him, being amazed of his exceptional basketball skill.

Lin did not reach this milestone in an easy way. He has been undervalued. Not given a chance, he was a benchwarmer. Not until he shocked the world when for the first time he led the New York Knicks in beating the Los Angeles Lakers with a career high of 38 points.

Across the NBA and the basketball world have been abuzz with the question: ďWho is this Jeremy Lin?Ē Itís like he came out of nowhere, and when he finally showed up, he wasted no time in proving his worth.

Jeremy Lin, mistakenly thought as a Chinese but he is actually an American-Taiwanese, stands 6 feet and 3 inches. His height is by all means an ordinary one. In fact, today many PBA players stand 6í6Ē and up. But what differentiate Lin from any basketball player of Asian blood is his work ethics.

He started playing basketball when he was still a small kid. Linís father, Gie-Ming Lin, is a self-taught basketball fan, not necessarily a player. He watched basketball games of his favorite stars and shared what he learned from those videotapes to his son. According to ESPN, Linís father would take his son to the court after the then small boy had finished his school homework at night.

Here we see how instrumental to a childís career the influence of a father is. The same thing with Kobe Bryant whose father has been a basketball coach for decades. Bryant spent many years in Italy while his father was coaching an Italian basketball team. The same thing with Tiger Woods whose father introduced him to golf when Woods was barely 18-months old. At an early age, Bryant, Woods, and Lin, instead of watching TV, they were guided by their fathers to a career that would define their personal legacy in this world.

Lin is another example of a rags-to-riches story. During high school, he was rejected by many schools for a sports scholarship. So he tried his luck in Harvard University for a scholarship. Harvard has never been famed as a producer of great athletes. In fact, Lin is the first NBA player coming from Harvard in 50 years. The last was Ed Smith in 1953.

According to an interview, Lin had to sleep in the couch of his brotherís apartment because he could not afford his own apartment. Despite being undervalued and ignored, Lin pursued his passion guided by a strong work ethic taught by his father.

NBA analysts have been saying that this is a rare moment in NBA when a seemingly unknown player became an instant sensation. And Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not happy about that. Being overshadowed by Linís popularity, Mayweather tweeted in his Twitter account mocking Lin as overhyped.

It remains to be seen, after all. This is just the beginning. What we are seeing now is a renewed interest in NBA after it suffered a long hiatus due to labor dispute and profit-sharing misunderstanding. And Lin has certainly put a new face on the NBA.

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